Eddie Wong , New York, NY, Active Trader

Stocksearning.com has successfully predicted price movement earnings after earnings. Its a website you can't afford to not try!

Justin Duval , New York, NY, Active Trader

Stocksearning.com has been a great resource for finding and trading the best earnings plays. It's been key to my development as a profitable earnings trader!

Angelo Costabile , Barcelona, Spain

The Earnings screening tool is a terrific tool that has provides users very useful information for stock and options trading and more importantly it is a great time saver because personally I avoid making historic researches.

Melissa Madgwick , Sydney, Australia

I use this webiste to filter and find stocks which are higly volatile in after earning.Predicted volatility simplifies my options stragagy. This is only tool out there which provides the ability to fliters earning calendar based on predicted volatalitry. Awesome!!!!

Miguel Buet , Taipei, China

 I use this website for the matrix they have sort list 'Upcoming Notable Earning' They use the same parameters which i do manually but it takes forever to find stocks. It makes my research very easy. I would pay good money to have continued access!

Lance Johnson , Richmond VA, United States

Made good money by using predicated volatility indicator in earning season! Best for Options Traders and Gap Traders like me!

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